LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs, Portable Dog Water Bottle, 20 Oz Pet Travel Water Bottle


1-For each bottle, we take great care to ensure that the seals in the cap are “virtually leak-proof ”. If you found the seals are missing or falling off when you receive the bottle, do not use it and pls let us know for a free replacement.

2-Screw the cap properly to make sure it is tight enough. Based on our customer feedback, most of the leaking issues are caused by a loose cap.

3-Turn over the cap and squeeze the bottle gently. The cap is 4.5” wide and 3” deep. If you have a thirty dog or big tongue breed, consider removing the cap from the bottle to use as a larger bowl without turn it over.

4-The leaf-shaped bottle is made of food-grade rubber and is dishwasher safe. BUT the plastic bottle is NOT!

5-To keep the water clean, DO NOT make water flow back to the bottle.

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★ HAPPY, HYDRATED PETS make the best traveling companions, and the LumoLeaf Water Bottle goes wherever you and your furry friend venture. Reversible leaf-shaped bowl Cap lays flat over bottle when not in use.

★ A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE to public water bowls at dog parks, the LumoLeaf Waterer is made of 100% food-safe material. Treat your pet to a refreshing drink anytime and anywhere.

★ 1-PIECE MOLDED DESIGN makes dispensing water a breeze. Leaf veins structure reinforce LumoLeaf Pet Bottle shape without detracting from its flexible portability. The sleek, slim contours allow water bottles to fit into car cup holders.

★ EASY CARE AND PORTABILITY make the LumoLeaf Pet Water Bottle an essential travel accessory. Includes a removable aluminum buckle so you can attach your water bottle to a backpack or belt loop. The Leaf Part of LumoLeaf Pet Bottle is dishwasher-safe but the bottle part is NOT.

★ UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE with most 30/38 mm water bottle necks, our expandable silicone leaf boasts a leak-proof hermetic seal. When used with our 20-oz bottle, you’ll have plenty of water for traveling with your dog or cat.